Tuition Fees & Structure

One to One Tuition Fees
$25 per 30min $40 per hour
Group Tuition Fee
$15 per hour 4min - 4max
 Points of One to One Tuition:
  • One to One with Teacher
  • Maximum Benefits
  • Individual Attention
  • Less Interruptions
  • More Focused Study Time
  • Faster Learning
  • Maximum Results

 Points of Group Tuition:
  • Maximum of 4 Students
  • Minimum of 4 Students
  • More Affordable
  • Increase Social Skills
  • Makes Music More Fun
  • Longer Tuition Time
  • Practice Makes Progress

One to One Tuition Benefits...
If you would like to give your child or yourself the utmost favourable conditions for learning, with less distractions and a more dedicated and focused study structure, then I recommend one to one tuition.

While studying as a group can sometimes be a little more fun, there is no doubt that the one to one learning structure has proven to acheive results much faster in students. One to one tuition is recommended for the more serious student who desires to achieve maximum results from a lesser time input.

Group Tuition Benefits...
Group tuition is a more affordable way of providing quality music tuition for yourself or a loved one. From as little as $15 per week, you can get started on your journey into the world of music.

Group tuition can be a better way; and a much more fun way for students to study. Having friends or family around to study with you has it's benefits. You can bounce ideas and tuition instructions off each other and increase your learning ability through repetition that way. All said and done, it's practice that makes progress!

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