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Vocal Tuition

Vocal Tuition can be one of life's most rewarding journey's to embark upon. Not only will it help to install confidence in oneself, it will also help you to find a more peaceful inner sanctuary to play an be. Music is meditation, come find your key to a more peaceful and harmonious you...

Guitar Tuition

Guitar Tuition can and will turn into a gift you can carry with you anywhere for the rest of your life. It can help to develop confidence and bring a new deep to your character and its personality. Let's get started, only practice makes progress...
News & Update!

[News & Updates]
The Start of 2019 is upon us with the new year coming swiftly into focus. Now, rather than never, is still the best time to start your musical journey. Live your dreams! +:-)

[News & Updates]
Music Theory can be challenging to begin with. However, it is foundational to a musicians journey and fundamental to any good song writer. Take the challenge today...

[News & Updates]
All Music Tuition classes are syncronized with normal school terms and holidays to better suit the needs of families and their lifestyles. Plus I need the holidays too +:-P

[News & Updates]
Mobile Music Tuition specializes in beginners of all ages. Children young and old. Simularly, adult newbies of all ages wanting to embark on a musical journey are also welcomed and encouraged to join. So what are you waiting for!?!

About Us!

Mobile Music Tuition continues to offer inovation. Having developed a style of teaching that is quick and easy to follow. Children of all ages; and adults even more so, will find my methods fun, intuitive, fast and fulfulling.

On top of that, students of Mobile Music Tuition can sit back and relax in the comfort of their own home whilst studying with us. It is found that Children generally find it much easier to learn when they are relaxed and feel secure. So by making your home their music school, you not only save on time and money, you get the benefit of a happier, more productive student.  

Yours in Light & Sound!

Shane J Varichak
Music Artist & Teacher

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